PSCNT – Professional Support Coordinator

The Professional Support Coordinator (PSCNT) programs provide professional development and support to early childhood professionals in Australian Government Approved Childcare Services (AGACCS) and aim to improve the quality of care provided in childcare settings.
PSCNT coordinates ongoing professional development to support the professional learning of Inclusion Support Agencies (including Inclusion Support Facilitators) and the Indigenous Professional Support Unit.

PSCNT responds to current and emerging professional development and support needs in the early childhood education and care sector.

The objectives of PSCNT are to provide professional development opportunities that are based on latest research evidence and best practice in order to:

  • lead professional practice and drive quality improvement;
  • support early childhood services implement the new Early Years Learning Framework;
  • assist services and their staff attain or exceed quality standards set by the Federal Government’s National Quality Framework;
  • prepare early childhood professionals for  the increasing expectations that National Quality Framework accreditation  brings;
  • enhance and update early childhood professionals knowledge and skills in existing and new areas of practice;
  • provide support pathways for new and existing early childhood professionals to attain accredited qualifications;
  • promote networking and collaboration that supports reflection, the sharing of experience and the process of finding solutions to industry challenges; and
  • provide professional development to support the inclusion of children from diverse backgrounds, including indigenous children, children with disabilities and children from CALD backgrounds.

Uses of Display Cabinets

Uses of Display Cabinets

Whether you are a retail store owner, offering merchandise, or a home owner, who wants to display collectibles, a good display cabinet is the answer. On today’s market, these display cabinets come in all sizes and models.

Traditional, contemporary and traditional styles are available with a variety of dark or light wood frames, as well as aluminum, acrylic or frame-less. A large variation of colors are also available, which makes it easy to match the surrounding décor.

Especially attractive are Metro Display Cabinets that come with LED lighting. When a mirrored background is added, there is an attractive reflection of the articles being displayed. This is especially effective when displaying precious collectibles.

Display cabinets are available to meet any requirements. This means, whether you need a floor, wall mount, table top, counter top or locking model, it is possible to find the exact style to fit your particular situation. If the contents are especially valuable or treasured, many people choose the locking display cabinet to prevent theft.

There are a variety of glass fronts available for display cabinets as well. These include tempered glass, which will break into small round pieces rather than fragments that may cause physical or property damage. The majority of retail stores usually require that all their display cabinets be tempered in order to prevent injury to their customers.

Glass on display cabinets can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Glass on acrylic display cabinets can be cleaned with a standard ammonia-based household cleaner. Always be sure the cleaner will not harm the wood. Regardless of what you want to display, today’s display cabinets are built to fit your needs.